Saturday, 26 March 2011

TAGS Demo Night + New Things from PP!

Hi there people.

On Thursday this week I ran a Warmachine and Hordes demo night at Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society (TAGS)
This was after a demo there a couple of months ago that raised some interest.

Arrived there about 6.30 pm ready to set up.
Once the Warmachine and Hordes tables were set it was time to start the demos up.
TAGS didnt have all the members there that wanted to see on the night (so maybe another demo in the future?) but there were some arrivals from Mid Cornwall Gaming group and North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics which uped the numbers and soon fill all the tables.

A couple of games got up and running with Warmachine and the players really seemed to pick up the rules quickly and enjoyed themselves. Well, the rest of us found Liams dice quite funny anyway.
And Daves hit with Sorscha against Doms unhurt Denegra was insane! 3 dice minus 1 damage and he rolled 17! Denny sort of went squish.
Andy had quite good fun running the Cryx against Liam. Instead of thinking about tactics he went for the 'Hit stuff as fast and as often as possible' style of play. A favourite of my own btw.
And Matt also ran a Hordes game or 2 on the next table which ended up in 2 armies being chosen by Rich and Claire. Legion and Circle I think.

Packed up at around 10.30pm after a really good night. I was very pleased that all enjoyed it and hope to go back again soon and try to catch the other players that didnt make it.

But until then there are another couple of things in the pipeline.
Demo games and a tournament at the Legionary convention in Exeter on May 7th and
Shattered Grounds : Thundercliff Peaks will be up and running at North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs with 8 players confirmed already and at Mid Cornwall Gaming with 9 confirmed players as of April 18th..
For more info on the Shattered Grounds leagues then check out Privateer Events

I will definatly be playing in the NCBB league and hope to take part in the MCG one aswell.
Using my Talion Charter as usual but with a slight alteration. PIRATE FROGS!
Yes you read that right, The alternate Shattered Grounds card for the Minions in Thundercliff peaks is a Croak Hunter Javelineer that can work for the Thalion Charter!
(got 3 on the way already)

And what about the new PP things?

No Quarter 35 has arrived
Contains the general rules for the new Battle Engines and the full rules for the Khador Gun carrige.
Which is also featured in the Khador v Retribution battle report against the Arkantric Force Generato
Theres a nice selection of rules for upcoming Wrath models aswell. Inculding the Cyrx Scavenger, Revenant Crew Rifleman and the Mercenary Ragman. Plus afew more.
Ever wanted to see blighted Gatormen? They are in there!
The alternate rules cards for Thundercliff peaks are included. Some nice cards, especially the Pirate Frogs mentioned above.
Power Progression covers building a Legion of Everblight army build from Battlebox to 100pts.
Deathjack has some nice fluff. 7 pages worth! Yay!
And some stunning artwork for the new Cryx Caster Lord Exhumator Scavreous
Thats just a taste of whats inside. Theres a whole lot more aswell
One of the best issues since I started playing

If you want to try out the Retribution of Scyrah Arkantric Force Generator Battle Engine, PP have put the rules card up on thier Insider Blog on the main site.
Cant be bothered to click? I can make it easier for you.
Here is the front and back of the card

A last little bit from Privateer Press this week. And its very nice.
The concept art for the Circle Orboros Celestial Fulcrum Battle Engine. First thing to appear from Hordes: Domination due later this year.

How cool does that look?

To finish up today theres just a little update on what Ive been up to.
As you probably know by now Im a little bit of a pirate freak. Love anything to do with them.
3 Casters +120 points of pure Talion Charter so far. And the final order will add another 50pts. Then they will be finished. And I will be able to use any setup I like. (Unless more appear in Wrath that is)

The next projects are going to be
Minions Blindwater Congregation - 2 Casters + 11pts so far
Cryx Pirates - 17pts so far
Minions Thornfall Alliance Farrow - nothing so far  =(

Thats all for now.
May the dice gods smile upon you (better than they did to Liam!) and turn all your 1s into 6s

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