Sunday, 19 May 2013

What have they been doing?


You may have noticed that it has been a bit quiet around these parts lately. This is for a variety of different reasons. Real life and gaming related.
I thought I was about time to catch you up with what we (myself and the Galley Wench) have been up to over the last few weeks and what we are planning in the next few.

Real Life
I am near the end of an entire month without a day off of work which included over 2 weeks of 12-14 hour days. As you cam imagine, this has left me with very little spare time and very tired when I do have some.

Some of you may know that the Galley Wench is creating a new little badger at the moment who is due to join us at the start of December. At the same time she has also been looking after our crazy and energetic 18 month old (who thinks he is 5). My spare time outside of work has mainly been spending time with the family and helping out my wife where I can. We even went out on our together own this week! Second time since the little one was born! Yes that sounds sad but it was a big deal for us and we really enjoyed ourselves.

The 2 of us have been doing some playtesting over the last few months. A remake of a great game system that is becoming an AWESOME game system! But, these are games, rules and a couple of models that can't be posted up on here (yet) so that has taken up some writing time.
Very soon we hope to see the final edition of playtesting and then it wont be long until the world gets to see the awesomeness!

The Galley Wench had her birthday recently and among other goodies she had some studio lights and backdrops. Could this be a return of her videos?

DreadBall has been a big game for the 2 of us at home. Its something that takes just 5 minutes to set up and no more than 45 mins to play. Great to get a couple of games in on the coffee table after the little badger has gone to bed.
My parents gave me Season 1 and a pitch and we sold a load of old unused stuff to get our hands on Season 2 which arrived a couple of days ago. The plan is to review everything from the start of S2 onwards then add painting articles, news and game reports. There will hopefully be a league at the local Full on Assault gaming club soon as well so reports will be coming in about that.

A few days ago I was woken up to " Hunny, X-Wing is on Asda online. So I bought it for you!"
I knew I married the Galley Wench for a reason.
This game has been good fun to start with and a couple of ships have already been added to the fleet.
The local club, Full On Assault, has a couple of players so I hope to get games in on a regular basis.
Battle reports, tactics, news and more will be appearing on here in time.

As always, we are massive fans of Pulp City at ToaTS. The Open Beta is going strong so we have been having a go with those rules and reporting back. Even got a couple of others interested locally that have started playing in the last couple of weeks. More Supreme action!
We are both taking part in the PC Forum Mini Exchange but the people we are painting for don't know which models they are getting yet so no pics can be posted. Once they have seen them we will put them up on here. (Hint - They are dark and wet)
I know I started some PC reviews before life jumped in the way and I do plan to continue with them. Got about 8 sets lined for posts over the next few weeks and that will increase with the new monthly releases.
There are 4 minis left on the side to build. Then it time to paint the entire PC range!

With lots going on you sometimes have to put things on the back burner. Unfortunately that has been Deep Wars.
The Starter Sets have been built and the game board just needs sanding and washing. Everything else still  needs to be cleaned and glued. Then there is painting, games, reviews and more. 
Will get back to this as soon as possible but something needed to be put away for a while.

To make up for the delay, keep and eye out for the next post. You can win the Deep Wars rules PDF! (10 people can in fact)

Just a quick note here for those that advertise on ToaTS.
Due to delays I have decided I have decided to extend the 1-year ads to lifetime ads!
And that goes for anybody else that would like to advertise on this page.

So there we have it. The blog has been quiet but we have been very far from quiet ourselves.

Everything will be back on track soon. Promise!

Hendybadger and the Galley Wench awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Congratulations on the second little one. It's nice that the wife will game with you too. :)

    1. Thanks. Off for the first scan today. Excited!

      It's great that gaming is something we can do together. She is a big fan of Pulp City and really getting into DreadBall.

  2. Gotta live, brother.

    I know all about the 'one month work week' with the ridiculous hours. Ugh, it sucks.
    Hang in there, man.
    Rolling dice helps keep us sane, somehow...

  3. Almost sane.
    I will hopefully be back on here soon. Just need things to settle down a little.


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