Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Whats this Breast Cancer Brawl and Painting Pink all about?

So, a couple of people have asked me about the planned Breast Cancer Brawl and Paint it Pink event thats coming on Oct 15th.
I thought I would put together a post explaining what its all about.
All info have been taken from http://paintitpink.net, http://breastcancerbrawl.net/ and http://paintpink.wordpress.com/

What is the Breast Cancer Brawl?

The Breast Cancer Brawl is an effort to raise money for breast cancer research, advocacy, education, and support organizations. The event is a fantasy table-top miniatures tournament and… painting competition using the popular WARMACHINE and HORDES game systems.Entry fees to the event are donated to the breast cancer organization being sponsored. In addition, a unique tournament format is used to encourage additional donations throughout the tournament so that friendly competition can benefit a good cause. Privateer Press, the creators of the WARMACHINE and HORDES game systems and miniature lines, provides prize support for the event including special prizes for the tournament winner and the most generous donor.
The Breast Cancer Brawl is global in scope with charity tournaments happening around the world annually from September to December. With enough events, we all hope to do our part to help “knock out breast cancer”.
For more info contact - Paintitpink@hotmail.com

About the Breast Cancer Brawl Team

The idea for this project began in 2007 with a tribute project – one member of the Breast Cancer Brawl team wanted to paint one of his collected miniatures armies in pink in remembrance of his mother who had passed away from breast cancer. From there, it
quickly gathered volunteers to the idea and grew to a global effort. The Breast Cancer Brawl Team is a group of dedicated
Privateer Press fans that have volunteered to organize and administrate the global Breast Cancer Brawl events. Many of us have been personally touched by breast cancer in one way or another in our personal lives and this is just one way we are helping to raise awareness and fight the disease.

Whats Paint it Pink about?

Breast Cancer is one of the most common and deadliest cancers among women. This is your chance to do your part to raise awareness while enjoying your hobby. Inspired by the dedicated painters at the hobby blog Paint Pink. The 2011 Paint It Pink painting contest is designed to help promote breast cancer awareness through the miniature wargame hobby. Simply paint one miniature or an entire army using pink as a prominent color, and enter your work into any appropriate categories.
Each painter may only enter once for each category, but may enter multiple works by entering into multiple categories.
Any questions can be directed to paintitpink@hotmail.com
Project: Paint Pink

Project: Paint Pink was started in March 2009 as a way to provide support and encouragement for Warmachine and Hordes players who are painting armies to promote breast cancer awareness. It is designed for new and veteran players and painters alike.
The goal of Project: Paint Pink is to motivate players and painters to complete their armies in time for Breast Cancer Brawl events held in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Players have the option to keep the armies they paint or auction them off for charity and donate the proceeds toward promoting breast cancer awareness. You are not required to auction your army to be a part of Project: Paint Pink

The Breast Cancer Brawl + Painting Pink @ North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics - Oct 15th

Now you have an idea of what this events about I can start letting out abit more about Cornwalls first ever BCB!

On October 15th, NCBB will be holding the event at the Poldark Inn, Delabole, North Cornwall
It will be a standard 25pt Warmachine and Hordes tournament with Caster kill rules
Entry fees and all money raised will go to the Mermaid Centre at Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro
(Fee amounts and how to enter will be up soon)
You will also be able to CHEAT in lots of ways by donating more money to buy BCB pink tokens!
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Sportsman, Painted, Most Generous Donor and more.........

There will also be a Painting Pink contest and auction.
Each player can enter as many single models as they like, painted in a pink scheme.
The best models will win prizes and then ALL will be auctioned off. (You can buy your own back if you really want to)
Dont forget - ALL money goes to the local cancer centre

The prizes offered so far are
Grind Boxed game - Myself
Wrath Warmachine Faction coins - NCBB club
Steamroller kit - PP UK/ Creberus
Singed Copy of Wrath - Guts and Gears Podacst
Painted 'Pink' models for the auction - Players that cant make the event (more to come on those)
Hopefully more to come

And now the pleading bit...............

If anyone out there goes to/knows/runs/owns a club, website or store that would be willing to donate any prizes to this charity event (And have thier names on it) please contact me (Ian / PG hendybadger) on here, the PP forums, Warmachine + Hordes South West Facebook page (top right>>>) or at hendybadger@aol.com
Or North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics on thier Facebook page (top right>>>) or ncbb@hotmail.co.uk

Hendybadger out

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