Sunday, 28 August 2011

Plastic Trollbloods Warbeasts and Circle Orboros Battle Engine spotted at PAX

Bell of Lost Souls posted up 2 VERY nice pictures yesterday from PAX.
Plastic Troll Warbeasts and the finished Circle Battle Engine.

What do you think?


  1. Im not liking the trollbloods. They dont look as nice as the original sculpts. The hands look wierd to me. Too static.

  2. I really like Ograh's map of the planets: the circle gadget: that is cool.

    Don't like the trolls. not one bit.
    I love most of the troll models: consistently I like them more often than any other faction. These new ones are a serious disappointment. The pose is static & awkward. I never got around to buying a blitzer, looks like I better before this one is the only option.

  3. The trollbloods do look a little bit rough as sculpts to me but the circle battle engine is fantastic.

    I would buy that just to use it as a terrain piece. Stunning :-)

  4. For me plastics/good plastics could get me into WM and Hordes. I have been holding off for a number of years for that reason (I can happily 'do' low model count metals, but not 'armies' - I just don't have the tolerance after GW hobbying), so this is very interesting for me. Cheers.

  5. Ok, Looks like my comment disappeared. Hmmm...

    I know what you mean about the trolls. But the Dire Troll Mauler imo is the best sculpt in the Faction. And one of the only trolls I have bought myself.
    Looking forward to the final result of these plastic kits though.

    The Circle Engine is amazing. I dont play Circle and I want it!

    As for the plastic v metal I have to side with the metal. Just personnal preference but I enjoy working with metal more than plastic. In any range. Just feels right to me.


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